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Oriental massage London to help you get rid of your troubles

If you are a resident of the busy city of London, you know just how hectic life is when you have a day job. All you find yourself doing is running around from pillar to post completing assignments, getting household chores done and plonking down on the couch at the end of the day, and watching some mindless television. Sometimes, if you listen closely enough, you may even find out each muscle and bone in your body crying out for help. When the pain gets too much, you just pop a pill and head to bed. Sounds familiar? It’s time for you to try out oriental tantric massage London then.

Why London massage is a good option

Most people have misconceptions about asian massage, and look at it with scepticism. But the fact is that asian massage London is one of the best therapies that you can ask for. Any types of aches and pains are completely curable by the use of oriental techniques. Common problems such as headaches, stomach ailments, depression etc can be cured by using oriental techniques.

Not only will take care of these common ailments, your overall wellness, immunity and resistance to disease will improve greatly by the use of oriental techniques. Oriental massage is getting increasingly popular in places like London because more and more people are opting for holistic treatments to get over lifestyle disorders that are caused by stress. Medical research shows that more than 80-90 of diseases that people suffer from are because of stress.

Our sessions of oriental outcall massage London have the power to create that shield you need and to supportyour existence, showing you that you can be protected. During the session of the London outcall massage¸ you might have the feeling that your world has entered in a new cycle of life and that a new environment has been created.

The sessions of the asian outcall massage in London can teach you a lot about your body, things that you did not know like the fact that your body trembles when touched in some parts, or that your brain enables some feelings when being touched in some parts of the body.

Asian massage London Esquires

Asian massage uses techniques that are over 2000 years old. Asian massage London specialists are specially trained to monitor that flow of energy or ‘chi’ in the body of the client to determine the ailment or disorder and can suggest the best ways to heal it. Based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine, tantric massage uses the five element system to determine ailments. The Chinese in the ancient times believed that health problems occur when there is not enough free flow of energy or chi in the human body.

When the chi is deficient or excessive or becomes blocked for some reason, people suffer from diseases, aches and pains. Once an asian therapist is able to determine the blocked passage, he or she will suggest the best techniques that will resume the free flow of chi in your body and you will be relieved of any aches or pains that may have been bothering you for the longest time. Asian massage London specialists have put in years of practice in this ancient art and are proficient in determining the exact sources of pain.

Asian techniques mainly deal with treating certain points of the human body that are linked to certain organs. An asian massage therapist will examine you and will decide which the best treatment that will relieve you of your problem. On your part you are also encouraged to have a frank chat with your therapist before you enter the therapy room, so that your therapist is aware of what exactly you are looking for and can treat you accordingly.

There are many spas and health centres that use asian massage London techniques, which people benefit greatly from. Asian massage London uses a combination of various techniques. Some of these techniques have been adapted from ancient Chinese medicine. Some of the most recognised and techniques used for oriental massage are acupressure, shiatsu and Tui Na. Some of the most popular techniques have been described below for the benefit of all those who may be unfamiliar with methods of oriental massage.


Acupressure is one of the oldest known methods used in Chinese medicine and is one of the most widely used methods by practitioners of Oriental massage London. This is a type of technique that involves the use of strong pressure on the “pressure points” of the human body. These points in the human body are greatly sensitive and linked to the various organs. Applying the right amount of pressure on these pressure points, can relieve people not only various aches and pains but can also take care of everyday ailments such as headaches, neck and back aches and stomach disorders. In addition to this, acupressure improves the overall circulatory system by putting the energy flow or chi in order.


Shiatsu is another oriental method technique that is used by Asian massage London therapists. Shiatsu too originates from Chinese medicine that was practiced more than 2000 years ago. Shiatsu stems from a healing technique called ‘anma’ that was believed to be the best cure for any kind of disease. This method of massage uses finger pressure technique. Pressure is applied across various meridians to unblock the energy that heals by attaining perfect balance. A therapist may use different degrees of pressure with thumbs, fingers, elbows or knees on specific points, to bring about complete relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

Tui Na

This is method of oriental tantric massage London that resembles both acupressure as well as Shiatsu. The principle of Tui Na is working along the meridians of the body to unblock the energy. However unlike acupressure or shiatsu that is usually used for the overall well being or relaxation of a person, Tui Na is often used by Oriental massage London therapists when clients come with pains from injuries or pains that are associated with the muscles or joints. Tui Na uses some techniques that are closer to Swedish service and may involve pulling or kneading of the muscles that is most helpful, in restoring oxygen supply to the muscles that aids in faster healing of the injuries. Chiropractors and physiotherapists are also familiar with this healing technique and often use it to heal their patients.

These methods of oriental massage along with several others are either used individually or in conjunction with each other depending on the needs of each client. When you walk in for an Oriental massage you are sure to get the very best in massage that will help you bid goodbye to your ailments!

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